Happy New Year 2024


Happy New Year and welcome to 2024!  I hope you’ve all had a peaceful Christmas celebrating as you wished with family and friends, alternatively if you’re feeling relieved the festivities are over for another year, know those feelings are perfectly valid to.

When I returned to work last week I definitely noticed a sense of reflection and anticipation in the air, although I struggled to remember what day it was in that strange time called “Betwixmas”.

Since my return, I’ve noticed lots of social media posts targeting the “New Year New You” phrase which aren’t necessarily encouraging.  I know this time of year is synonymous with looking back on the past year and reflecting on what you have or haven’t achieved which, if you’re already feeling overwhelmed or anxious, could add further pressure if things haven’t worked out as you’d hoped or planned.


New Year’s Resolutions – Weighing up the Pro’s and Con’s.

As the clock struck midnight on 31st December, many people around the world embarked on a tradition symbalising fresh starts and self-improvement.  While the concept of setting goals for the forthcoming year can be very appealing, it’s worth considering the pros and cons of this tradition.  Let’s take a look at some below.

Pro’s of New Year’s Resolutions:

* Renewed Motivation – Supporters argue that the start of a new year provides a psychological boost, igniting a sense of motivation and enthusiasm with additional impetus to achieving their goals.

* Structured Goal Setting – New Year’s resolutions offer a structured approach to goal setting, allowing individuals to reflect on their aspirations and create a plan to achieve them.

* Community Support – There is a cultural emphasis on New Year’s resolutions which creates a supportive environment for some with many individuals sharing similar goals, enhancing a sense of community and shared commitment.

* Opportunity for Personal Growth – Resolutions encourage personal growth by challenging people to step outside their comfort zone and aim for self-improvement in whatever area of their life they choose.

* Positive Reinforcement – Achieving New Year’s resolutions can provide a sense of accomplishment and pride, boosting self-esteem and reinforcing positive behaviors especially if those behaviours are new.

Con’s of New Year’s Resolutions:

* Unrealistic Expectations – Setting resolutions may lead to unrealistic expectations, setting people up for disappointment if their goals aren’t met.  Especially if those goals have been attempted previously leading to a cycle of repeated effort and failure.

* Short-Term Focus – The initial burst of motivation that comes with setting New Years resolutions can often fade quite quickly, making it difficult to sustain long-term change.  Research shows many people have stopped their endevours by the end of January.

* All or Nothing Approach – A common pitfall is adopting an “all-or-nothing” mindset, which could lead to individuals abandoning their resolutions if they face a setback or challenge, rather than viewing it as as opportunity for learning and growth.  Depending on personality type, achieving their desired goal could become obsessive.

* Inadvertent Social Pressure – New Year’s resolutions can also create external pressure, potentially leading to people setting goals they have no desire to achieve or willingness to change.

Ultimately, New Year’s resolutions really are a personal informed decision.  They can be a powerful tool for personal development, offering a chance to reflect, set goals, and work towards positive change. However, the pitfalls of unrealistic expectations and the risk of abandoning those resolutions early, shouldn’t be overlooked.  The success of New Year’s resolutions lies in a healthy balanced approach, focusing on achieveable realistic goals, with the resilience and a willingness to overcome and adapt throughout the whole year and not just January.


Support is always available

If the prospect of New Year feels especially difficult, help and support is available whether you’re feeling anxious, stressed, struggling with low self esteem for instance or wish to implement positive change but aren’t sure where to begin, support is just a phone call or message away so please do get in touch.  I offer a FREE confidential 45- minute initial consultation conducted online whereby I obtain adequate information to allow me to understand what’s happened, where you are now and what you would like to achieve in a sensitive understanding manner.

I’ll then formulate your bespoke treatment plan where the average number of sessions required ranges from approximately 6-12 depending on you the individual, your symptoms and desired progress.  At the conclusion of your initial consultation, I’ll provide you with a FREE copy of my relaxing audio to listen to each day which will help you to relax.

Each subsequent session is 60 minutes in duration (although there are some caveats depending on presenting symptoms) consisting of psychotherapy (talking therapy), concluding with deeply relaxing hypnosis.  Hypnosis enables your subconscious mind to begin consolidating your new neural pathways unlocking your mind from any stress response (fight or flight mode), enabling you to cope better and move forward.

Sessions are available online or face to face at Ironstone Wellbeing Centre, Ironstone Place, Kettering, NN14 1FN, it’s entirely depends on your personal preference and individual circumstances as to which you choose.  You could always try both to discover which you find more suitable.

Whatever has happened or is happening for you right now does not define you, there is always hope moving forward.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year from my home to yours.

Take care of you,

Jane x

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